Jason Tepper


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–       Spanish Trail Country Club – Executive Chef 2012-Present

–       Stevies Aviation Center – Executive Chef 2009-2011

–       Spruce Creek Country Club – Executive Chef 2005-2009

–       Bliss Resturant – Sous Chef 2002-2005

–       Johnson and Wales – Graduated 1999


–       While 34 may seem young to be an Executive Chef, its nothing new to Jason.  He’s been an Executive Chef since he was 19!

–       As the son of two wealthy parents in New York, Jason admits that his life has been easier for him.

–       Even though Jason comes from a privileged background, he says he started “working his ass off” at age 16 to get where he is today.

–       Jason has three daughters; the first one was born within the same year that his mother died, and she is named after her.

–       Jason’s wife calls him “an egotistical asshole,” and his nickname in the kitchen is ‘Little Ramsay.’

–       Don’t tell Jason that he looks like Vin Diesel or Andre Agassi—he hates it!

–       Jason’s competitive side comes from his hockey playing background.

–       While he says that his kids are part of his motivation for being on Hell’s Kitchen, he admits that he’s really doing this for himself.