Jennifer Goodman


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–      The Steeping Room – Chef 2011-2012

–      Nobu Fifty Seven Manhattan  – Cook 2011

–      The Culinary Institute of America – Chef Assistant 2010-2011


–      Currently in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, who she plans on proposing to in 2 months.

–      Became a professional classical violinist at age 15.  At 25, she decided to abandon her career and go to culinary school in hopes of pursuing her true love, cooking.

–      Believes in always doing the right thing.

–      Feels strengthened by being a team player and considerate towards others.

–      Studied under Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa in NY, one of the world’s top sushi chefs.

–      As a child, her mother would send her to the market to shop in order to teach her the importance of picking the best produce.

–      Believes that cooking is creating an emotion in someone else.

–      Hates coming in second place and will not stand for it.

–      Currently working in a high-end fusion restaurant that incorporates fresh tea into their preparation of food.

–      Looks like a boy

–      Funny, crazy eyes when she gets excited