Jenny Choplin


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–      Watkins Drinkery – Executive Chef 2012-Present

–      Resurrection Ale House – Lead Line Cook 2010-2012

–      Bistro La Minette – Sous Chef 2008-2010

–      The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College – Graduated 2005


–      Jenny is competitive and won’t let anything or anyone get in the way of her success.

–      Jenny originally went to college to become a writer and also did theatre but never dreamed she would end up in the kitchen.

–      Jenny has the experience of doing 500 covers, has worked anywhere from bakeries to French fine dining and loves to write about food in her food blog.

–      One of her dreams is to one day write a cook book.

–      She is known as the Opera Chef because she loves to sing on the line.

–      She gave up a lot to pursue a career in the culinary industry, and could have gone to law school as an English Major but there is nothing she loves more than cooking.

–      She is sometimes misunderstood because she is happy and bubbly and people think she is an airhead but she doesn’t care what people think because in the end she is here to win and losing is not an option for her.