Jeremy Suniga


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–      Steak & Grape- Line Cook 2012-Present

–      Lengthwise Brewing Co.- Line Cook 2011-2012

–      Denny’s- Line Cook 2010-2011

–      Chipotle- Service Manager 2009-2010


–      Says his knife skills are awesome and no one will be better than him in the kitchen!

–      Jeremy is very OCD about things and wants everything to be as perfect as possible.  Especially when it comes to presentation and plating. He will not send out a dish if it is anything less than perfect.

–      Favorite cuisine is Asian and Mexican.

–      Outgoing, friendly, and loves to talk to people.

–      Used to sing for his church choir.

–      Majored in music in college before cooking.

–      Co-workers comment that he knows the words to every song because he sings constantly.

–      Has asthma but doesn’t let it affect his performance in the kitchen.

–      Has watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen and thinks he’s better than many former members of HK.

–      Life changing moment was when he was hired for his first kitchen line position.