Jermaine Andrews


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–       Lake Austin Spa – Cook, 2005-Present

–       Ramon’s Village – Waiter2002-2004

–       The Hide Away Hotel – Assistant Chef/Waiter 1999-2000

–       The 3 Amigos – Assistant Chef 1999

–       Smokey Mermaid – Assistant Chef 1999

–       Radisson Fort George Hotel -Assistant Chef 1998-1999


–       Originally from Belize

–       His Grandmother was his biggest cooking influence, she was a well known chef who worked at several different restaurants

–       Moved to the US in order to be with his ex-wife, although they divorced it put him on a life path towards happiness

–       Tends to wear his heart on his sleeve

–       Tends to be the token black guy within his group of friends, as a result he has the nickname of “The Dude”

–       Enjoys creating great tasting dishes that are also healthy

–       Although he knows it’s every man for himself, he believes helping make his teammates strong ultimately helps him get closer to winning

–       Hates when people gloat after winning