Jessica Lewis


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–       STK Midtown – Chef Tournant 2012 – Present

–       Abigail Kirsch – Prep Cook 2011

–       Brother Jimmy’s BBQ – Hostess 2011

–       Institute of Culinary Education – Graduated 2011


–          Losing is not an option for Jessica. This young, hungry no-nonsense cook has only been on the line for 6 months tand she is confident she will win Hell’s Kitchen. She wins everything she sets her mind to and will use her 5’10 looks as strategy if it will give her an edge.

–          She has been competitive her whole life and qualified for the Olympic trials in swimming.

–          She is called “Snow White” or “Princess” in the kitchen and wears make-up on the line on purpose to get what she wants.  Don’t let her looks confuse you, she originally attended college to study economics and she is aggressive and she doesn’t take shit on the line.

–          Jessica will kill the other cooks with kindness if necessary. She loves flirting with the Spanish kitchen staff ebcause they bring her flowers and ask her out.

–          Jessica wants to win Hell’s Kitchen to be a role model and inspiration to young women in the food world.

–         At her current job, Jessica is part of a kitchen line that does 400 covers 4 days a week at one of the top steak restaurants in NYC.