Jessica Safstrom


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–       Jesstastic Catering – Caterer/Owner, 2012-Current

–       Cigna – Pharmacy Sales Associate, 2009-Current

–       South Dakota State Penitentiary – Corrections Officer, 2004-2008

–       Wells Fargo – Customer Service Associate, 2001-2003


–       Used to weigh 285lbs and lost 150lbs 9 years ago when she underwent a gastric bypass

–       Fluent in Spanish

–       She would never talk behind your back; she would rather tell you to your face exactly what she thinks about you.

–       Learned how to cook from her first mother-in-law who was a celebrated chef in Guatemala

–       Has been married three times and feels the third time is the charm

–       Her husband is her hero; he helped her get through a depression when her mother passed away in 2007.

–       Very tough skin, worked as a Corrections Officer and has no patience for people

–       Loved dying her hair every kind of color imaginable, she won’t stop until she is buried

–       Has never worked in traditional kitchen setting, her only experience comes in running her own catering company

–       Is set to open her own food truck by the end of the year

–       One of her kids is a dwarf.

–       Intense, kooky, and no line experience