Jessica Vogel


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–      Wild Strawberry Café – Line Cook 2012-Present

–      Longosta Lounge – Front of the House Operations 2011

–      Kevin’s Thyme – Prep/Line Cook/Personal Chef 2006-2011

–      Restaurant Nicholas – Server 2010-2011

–      Wine & Spirit World – Manager 2007-2008

–      Silver Oak Bistro – Sous Chef 2005-2006


–      Jessica’s parents divorced at a young age, so she and her sister would cook for her dad.

–      First kitchen job was when she was 16 as a dishwasher because she wanted to work her way up to one day be a chef.

–      She’s incredibly ambitious and doesn’t let anything stop her. She was offered her first sous chef position at the age of 18, only 2 years after her first kitchen job.

–      Says she is the feistiest bitch you’ll ever meet.

–      Jessica got caught up in the fast-paced lifestyle and started excessively drinking, leading her to alcoholism. As a result, she was homeless and carelessly spending every paycheck towards drinking.

–      She recently went to rehab in Arizona and is now currently living in a recovery home for women in Los Angeles. She has 17 months of sobriety.

–      Has watched Hell’s Kitchen since season 1 and winning Hell’s Kitchen would mean a second chance at life and rebuilding her career.