Jill Houck


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–      Flour Girls Baking Company – Owner 2007-Present

–      Cuisine of Mark Connolly – Waitress 2006-2010

–      Tabor Acadamy – Spanish Teacher/Athletic Trainer 1998-2007


–       Jill doesn’t care what you think about her—“this little woman who bakes.  I don’t give a shit what men think of me.”


–       Jill opened her bakery, Flour Girls, in 2007 and transitioned from a brick and mortar store to a food truck in 2011.  After she purchased the truck, she refused to look at it in her driveway for nearly a week—“I kept thinking OH GOD, what have I DONE?”


–       Jill has a diverse background; she lived in Spain, she was a Spanish teacher and an athletic trainer.  She is currently training for the ‘Crossfit Olympics,’ and can do a handstand pushup!


–       People immediately assume that Jill is a “cold bitch,” so she has to make an extra effort to be nice to people.  However, she would never describe herself as sweet: “My mouth runs too much to fly under the radar in this competition.”