Joale Norris


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–       Morsel and Bite – Caterer / Private Chef 2012-Present

–       TGI Friday’s – Line Cook / Expeditor/Prep/Server 1997-1999

–       Art Institute of Philadelphia, Culinary Arts, Did not graduate


–       Joale is a fiesty single morther, former drill team captain, and nerd.

–       Although she spent the last 10 years in the corporate world, she is now following her dreams to be a private chef and caterer.

–       Joale became interested in cooking after she gave birth to her son and doctors told her he may never be able to eat properly after he suffered from a stroke. He is healthy now.

–       Accoring to Joale, catering for large parties is far more stressful than cooking on the line in a restaurant, so she could definitely handle Hell’s Kitchen.

–       She isn’t shy about using her looks to get what she wants on the line or in life: “What woman doesn’t use her looks?”

–       She’s not above flirting with Gordon Ramsay to get what she wants on Hell’s Kitchen, but she’s not too sure it will work.

–       She does admit to being a brown-noser and a kiss ass to get her way.