Joanna Vallelunga


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–      The Kitchen For Exploring Food – Party Chef/Kitchen Helper2011-Present

–      Panera Bread – Assistant Manager 2009-2011

–      Starbucks – Store Manager, 2005-2009

–      Le Cordon Bleu – Graduated 2011


–      This die-hard biker chick bought her very first motorcycle at the age of 16.

–      She’s the rebel of her family. She decided to break away from the “normal lifestyle” she was used to in San Jose and moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams.

–      Her earliest memory of food was a family tradition of picking tomatoes off vines and bottling enough tomato sauce to last for the year.

–      Her father died of a heart attack in 2004.  She took care of her mom for the next 7 because of heart problems and almost went into the medical field as a result.

–      Following her divorce, she’s now working on herself and following her passion.

–      OCD in the kitchen and her station has to be exactly the way she wants or she panics.

–      She’s been playing the drums since she was in 6th grade and has to have music in her ears when she is cooking.

–      Winning Hell’s Kitchen would be a new beginning to her new life.