Jodi Amoruso


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–       Self Employed, Freelance Catering, 1999-present

–       Jodi’s Restaurant, Specialty Cook, 1991-2001

–       Jodi’s Bagelry and Catering, Deli Clerk/Caterer, 1998-2000

–       Jodi’s Country Cookery, Chef/Owner, 1990-2001


–      Jodi is all over the place.  She has so much energy and passion for what she does, that she literally does not stop talking about food until you interrupt her.

–      Jodi has an entreprenuerial spirit—she has owned several restaurants and catering companies, and she has her own dessert line which is a hybrid brownie/cookie, called a “Brookie.”

–      The last restaurant that Jodi owned was with her former husband.  She lost the restaurant due to him squandering their money on drugs.

–      Aside from cooking, Jodi is also passionate about tennis, kickboxing and zumba.

–      Jodi is a misplaced New Yorker, and she definitely has the accent and the attitude to prove her heritage.

–      Jodi would love to be on Hell’s Kitchen to make her children proud.  She feels that their father has let them down, and she would love to be the one to make them proud.