Johann Videl


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– Jaleo (Jose Andre’s restaurant) – Line Cook 2012- Present

– San Diego Culinary Institute – Graduated 2011


– Growing up in San Diego molded his personality and his food perspective. He loves avocados and a good burrito.

– Although he’s Mexican, he has a German name. His brother’s name is Hansel because his mom loved Hansel & Gretel. His brother was given a doll by their aunt named Johann and he named his brother after it.

– Landed his dream job straight out of culinary school working for Jose Andres known for his infamous spanish tapas menu.

– Self-proclaimed Momma’s boy who says that if someone tries to sabotage him, he will run to his mom to take care of it. He wants to win to make her proud and to take care of her financially because she put him though school.

– Went on a spontaneous trip to Thailand with his brother recently and explored the cuisine; he ate whole frogs, crispy grasshoppers and the best pad thai he’s ever had.

– Charming and flirtatious, but won’t let a hot girl get in his way of winning Hell’s Kitchen.