John Hillis


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–       Long Meadow Country Club – Sautee Chef 2011- Present

–       Buena Vita – Executive Chef / Kitchen Manager 2008

–       Café Lebanon – Head Chef / Kitchen Manager 2008-2011


–      Started dishwashing at the age of 15 and seeing the dishes be prepared and presented really intrigued him to learn more.

–      Was the poor kid in Catholic school where he would get in to trouble a lot.

–      Used to be a bit of a wild kid. He was nicknamed “The Clubber,” because he would get into so many fights. As a child his father would beat his mother, so his mother lived in a shelter.

–      If it weren’t for cooking, John says he would probably be dead or in jail. He used to be a big partier and it would always land him in trouble.

–      His best friend was killed while he was in culinary school and because he was so devastated, he dropped out and didn’t go back.

–      Even though he hated his old chef, he attributes him to his current success.

–      He’s got a big heart and an even bigger mouth. He’s gotten into trouble on multiple occasions for that and his bad attitude.

–      John’s biggest influence is himself. He loves learning from his own mistakes and striving to do better.

–      Since the birth of his son, he has made a vow to change his life around, and he plans to do it by winning Hell’s Kitchen!