Johnathan Scallion


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–       Heritage Hills Golf Resort – Chef de Cuisine 2010-Present

–       Regents Glen Country Club – Head Line Cook 2008-2010

–       Crepe du Jour – Sous Chef 2006-2008

–       Baltimore International College – Professional Cooking and Baking Graduated 2006


–       Jonathan is a descendent of the Native American warrior Geronimo and plans to bring that spirit to Hell’s Kitchen.

–       He moved the streets of LA to the farmlands of Pennsylvania. He went bow hunting as a kid with his dad and can break down whole suckling pigs.

–       Jonathan went to culinary school and hated every moment of it. He has been cooking for 10 years and has cooked every cuisine, from French bistros to fine dining.

–       He is serious and passionate on the line. He knows he can handle Gordon because his father was a Marine and mother was in the Navy.

–       He has a five year old son named Hayden.

–       Jonathan is also working a second job as a retail associate for an auto parts store.  He dreams of winning Hell’s Kitchen so he can focus fulltime on cooking!

–       Jonathan hates lazy or dirty people, especially the culinary trained know-it-alls.