Jonathon Merrick


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–       Kevin’s Bar and Restaurant –  Sous Chef 2010-Present

–       Toscana Saporita Cooking School – Intern / Chef Instructor 2011

–       Beason Restaurant – Sautee Cook 2008-2010

–       941 Martini Grill – Executive Chef 2007-2008

–       Culinary Institute of America – Graduated 2005


–       Growing up, Jonathan was poor and didn’t like the food his his mother made—his family “cooked sh*t food,” and he would spit it out.

–       He realized that he liked cooking when he took a culinary class in 9th grade, and then began competing in–and winning–cooking competitions.

–       As a graduate from C.I.A., Jonathan says he has “mastered” all of his kitchen skills.

–       His friends call him “Johnny CIA” because not many people where he’s from attended such a prestigious school.

–       He considers his knife a part of his body. “My knife is like my dick, don’t touch it.”

–       Jonathan has cooked in all of the major cities on the East Coast, and his first time on an airplane was to Tuscany for an internship.

–       Jonathan will be a “silent killer” in Hell’s Kitchen, and has the “desperation of a drowning man” to succeed in Chef Ramsay’s kitchen.