Jose Gonzalez


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–      99 Restaurant & Pub, Chef/Line Cook, 2004-Present

–      Mama Iguanas, Sous Chef, 2011

–      Hooters, Head Cook/Trainer, 2009-2011


–       Jose was the first in his family to graduate from high school.  He intended to go to college, but had a child immediately after high school and couldn’t leave her.


–       “Chito” is a childhood nickname that has stuck with Jose over the years in the kitchen. “As soon as you say ‘Chito!’ I’m like, ‘heard!’”


–       His first culinary job was working under Mary Ann Salcedo, the Sous Chef for Seasons 1-3 of Hell’s Kitchen, and he has been obsessed with making it on the show since.


–       Jose considers Chef Ramsay’s idioms (“bloody hell!”, etc) “swagger,” and he has several “swag” sayings himself.  He’d love to combine their unique phrases to “make kitchen swag babies with Chef Ramsay…Have you ever heard a Hispanic guy say ‘You burnt the bloody risotto!?’”


–       Jose wears Under Armor clothing under his chef coat during every shift, because he considers himself a “culinary athelete.”  He also stretches and warms up before every shift.