Jose Solorzano



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  • Kalama Heights Retirement Home – Executive Chef 2009 – Present
  • Kalama Heights Retirement Home – Sous Chef 2008-2009
  • The Waterfront – Lead Line Cook 2007-2008
  • E&O Trading Company – Lead Line Cook 2006 -2007


  • Grew up in Watts, CA in the projects. His mother always told him that she was afraid he wouldn’t make it past his 18th birthday. So she sent him to live in Hawaii to have a chance at a better future.
  • Dad died of an overdose when he was 12
  • Self-taught and worked his way up from dishwashing
  • Learned how to cook from YouTube and borrowing books from other culinary students he worked with
  • Confident he can outcook most chefs with culinary school experience and has competed in Hawaiii in cooking contests
  • Doesn’t play games when it comes to peoples well-being. He won’t fight dirty but the streets taught him to fight!
  • Although a little soft-spoken, he has the personality, passion and motivation to compete!