Joseph Gusner


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–      The Beagle – Line Cook 2012

–      Monument Lane – Line Cook 2011 – 2012

–      Mariner III – Head Chef / Manager 2011

–      French Culinary Institute 2011


–       Collects volumes of books on molecular gastronomy

–       Loves bacon and every summer he attends hog camp, choosing his own farm raised hogs to slaughter

–       Donates his time to cook even when he’s not working

–       Has fond memories of  deep sea fishing with his family

–       When Joe found out he had a brain tumor after college, he decided to pursue his real passion and he went back to French Culinary Institute and  graduated with honors

–       Managed and opened 4 chains of Hooters, has worked in casual dining, fine dining, bistros

–       Hates lazy,messy people and if you bump him into him on the line he might tear you a new asshole

–       Most people find Joe intimidating, he’s 290lbs, can lift 650 lbs, and has tattoos