Joseph Tellus


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–       Mad Dogs British Pub – Corporate Executive Chef 2011-Present

–       Stick or Treat – Chef/Partner 2008-2010

–       Imperia – Executive Chef 2007-2008

–       Venetian Hotel and Casino -Chef Tournant – Banquets 2006-2007


–       Gregarious, loud, and loves to crack jokes about people

–       When working alongside unqualified Chef’s he would rather see them digging ditches than making food

–       Uses his likeability to manipulate his staff to get what he wants out of them

–       A father to two daughters, one who was born premature and is still in the ICU

–       Hates not having full control of everything

–       Feels that being in the back of the house is the place he can be most free, he loves the ability to speak his mind and get dirty

–       At one point he owned his own restaurant, his shortcoming was his inability to manage his finances

–       Is both a college and culinary school drop out

–       Cooked at some of the top restaurants in NYC and Las Vegas

–       Originally from New York, obviously hasn’t adapted to the slow, southern way of speaking