Josh Derr


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–       The Irish Pub – Kitchen Manager 2005-Present

–       Petit Pous – Line Cook / FOH Manager 2010-2011

–       Warehouse Bar and Grill – Line Cook 2008-2009

–       Good Dog Bar – Line Cook 2007-2008


–       Josh is a self-taught, skateboard-obsessed cook from Delaware who moved to Philly when he was 18. He fled the pressure of being the perfect son of a pastor.

–       Josh is also a bit of a nerd loves Star Trek.  He recently was married on May 4th, with the invitation reading, “May the 4th be with you.”

–       Eventually he climbed the ladder and soon found he loved cooking and working on the line.

–       Josh also owns and runs a skateboard T-shirt company. He has entered many skateboard competitions and has gotten injured many times. He has four titanium plates and 25 screws in his arms.

–       He is obsessed with his hair and constantly plays with it all day and night.

–       Quirky, nerdy and annoying.

–       Josh has experience on the line, working at a high volume, fine dining restaurant where he did 250 covers in Savannah, Georgia and Virginia. He’s also worked at different bistros and Mexican restaurants.