Joy Parham-Thomas


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–       Jace’s – Shift Supervisor 2012

–       Dave & Buster’s – Line Cook 2011

–       Mari Nas – Kitchen Manager 2008-2011

–       Marco Island Marriott Resort – Cook 2006-2007

–       Indiana Academy of Culinary Arts – Graduated 2010


–       Joy is a kitchen diva. She loves getting her hair and nails done. Joy was teased as a kid for looking like a boy in school so now she always makes sure she looks good, but will rip off her hair and nails if that’s what it takes to get the job done.

–       People often mistake her for a bitch, but Joy is just trying to make it to the top. If crossed in the kitchen she will fight back. She admits that her mouth often gets her into trouble and she has been known to make others cry.

–       Joy had a very  rough and unfortunate childhood. She lived with her mother until she was 10 years old and then her mother decided she was “too much to handle” and put her in foster care. For the next 8 years Joy bounced from home to home and often slept on park benches.

–       She was able to go to culinary school because the state gave her a grant and she won awards and scholarships without any family or any help. She wants to prove to herself and to her parents that she is just fine on her own and that she can cook her big, round booty off. She has a tattoo that reads “hold my own” because she can hold her own.