Judith Mclean


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–      Let Me Cater To You – Owner / Chef 2009-Present

–      Aramark – Catering Chef 2006 – 2008

–      Marriott Hotel – Banquet Chef / Line Cook 2004-2006

–      United States Army – Food Service Specialist 1997 – 2004

–      United States Army Quartermaster – Food Specialist Diploma 1997


–      Judith is a military/culinary trained, expert M16 shooter, who is also a preacher’s wife. At church she runs the kitchen ministry, an assistant youth pastor, and owns a catering company where she specializes in comfort food.

–      Judith’s earliest memories of food was taking every food science and service course she could in high school and cooking for her younger brothers and sisters.

–      Judith went into the military as a Food Specialist, serving 900 people daily in a mobile kitchen.

–      Judith is not your typical chef and doesn’t curse, drink or smoke, but she’s tough and worked on the line with men in the military and can handle any competition.

–      Judith won the 23rd Annual Culinary competition in her hometown. She is also known as the Improvise Queen, because she can take ingredients and make something out of nothing. Judith will win this for her father, who has a rare throat cancer and only has 6 months to live, and he’s her biggest fan, supporter and critic.

–      She is super cute and calls herself an “angel” in the kitchen.