Justin Franco


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–       Crossroad Dining Facility (Airforce Base), 2012-present

–       Airforce, Storeroom Non Commissioned Officer in Charge, 2011-2012

–       Food Service Shift Leader, Airforce, 2011

–       Votech Culinary Degree, 2001


–      Justin was attending a vocational high school for culinary arts when September 11th happened.

–      Because of the September 11th attacks, Justin decided to join the Air Force.

–      In 2006, his mother’s abdominal wall ruptured and she fell into a coma.  When his family was forced to pull the plug, Justin was so distraught that he planned to commit suicide.

–      Miraculously, his mother woke up from the coma after she was taken off life support.

–      Today, Justin is so thankful that both he and his mother are alive that he spends a majority of his free time  cooking food for and volunteering with charities for underprivileged children.

–      Justin is outgoing and friendly, but when he gets mad he has tunnel vision.

–      Justin has served in Baghdad and Afghanistan, so he’s “been in hell.  Hell’s Kitchen would be Hell’s Candyland.”