Karen Muendell


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–       Serves You Right Catering – Executive Chef / Owner 2006-Present

–       Maize Market Management Corp – COO 2011-Present

–       Community Markets – Demonstration Chef 2010-2011

–       French Culinary Institute – Graduated 2010


–       Karen is a mother of five, private chef, catering business owner, gemologist and founder of a non- profit farmers market with 20 vendors. She has worked for everything she has in her life and she is here for one reason only and that is to win Hell’s Kitchen.

–       Growing up, Karen was poor and learned to cook for survival because her mother could not cook. She was always born with a gifted palate but cooking was not a career until her 40’s.

–       She wants to be an example to others that it is possible to pursue your dreams even later in life. Her husband sold their house and moved into a smaller home,  so she can use the profits to go to culinary school.

–       Karen started her catering company a few years before she ever went to culinary school. She chose not to go work on the line when she graduated because she said she is too good for it.  In reality, she does not like to be told what to do and prefers creating stuff by herself.

–       Karen is not afraid of Gordon’s wrath because she grew up with a controlling Marine dad.