Karina Oleas


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–      Delectably Delicious Catering – Owner / Head Chef (Side Business)

–      The Black Wolf – Intern

–      Retro Restaurant & Lounge – Intern


–       Went back to culinary school when her second child was just 3 months old

–       She comes from a family of doctors and they expected the same for her

–       Currently, she has put her dreams of working in the food industry on hold to take care of her children and keep a roof over their heads

–       Karina has worked at several bar/grill restaurants doing prep, frying, sautéing and grilling

–       Hates figures of authority and does not like to be told what to do, so she rather work alone

–       She is generally not a team player

–       Her mouth is her weapon that has gotten her into trouble in the past

–       the kitchen, she doesn’t take shit from anyone and won’t tolerate rude and conceited people

–       Pressure gives her an adrenaline rush

–       Hates her day job and trying to get her catering business off the ground