Karl Dutcher


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–       Elite Dock – Underwater Specialist 2005 – Present

–       Son of Sailor – Sous Chef 2010 – 2011

–       Ridge Terrace – Line Cook 2003 – 2010

–       Formica Brothers Bakery – Pastry Chef 1999 – 2003

–       Academy of Culinary Arts 2002


–       Karl is your average nice guy that donates his time as a fireman

–       He has never been handed anything and this would be a dream

–       Is a bit of a red neck from upstate NY: collects guns, shoots assault rifles and loves to  drive a tractor

–       Cooks at a seasonal resort restaurant in the Lake George area so during the winter he is  an underwater specialist at a water dock

–       Karl’s inspiration to win is so his  daughter can have a better life than how he was raised

–       Karl has always been competitive about everything in life, especially with his brother, who is also a chef

–       Even if he burns himself and  bleeds he will keep going to get the job done

–        Has also been known to flirt with the front of the house staff because it makes them happy and they work better