Katherine Louis


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–      Chef Katherine Events, Owner/Private Chef 2009-Present


–      Personal Chef- Newport Coast 2011-Present

–      Tabu Grill- Line Cook 2010-2011

–      Laguna Culinary Arts Professional Chef Program


–       Katherine learned from her grandmothers that food is all about quality and the love you put into it.  Even as a little girl, she would help in the garden and use the fresh ingredients for her home cooked dishes.  There were no recipes.  It was cooking by memory and taste, the old school way.

–       She loves a beautiful presentation but prefers flavor, over trying to make things look pretty.

–       Katherine started out as a singer but was having a hard time succeeding so she bit the bullet and went to culinary school.

–       She has been working on her own cookbook and eventually wants to start her own frozen food and organic food line.

–       Katherine is an enthusiastic team player and tries to keep morale up.

–       Her idea of being in the kitchen is completely opposite of Hell’s Kitchen.

–       She uses rough and tough terms like “bruise it up!”

–       This feminine, beautiful girl wants to show you she can win HK!