Kayla Schatz


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–       Warm Sugar / Hampton Winds – Executive Breakfast Chef 2012 – Present

–       Camillos Italian Restaurant – Server / Bartender 2007 – 2012

–       Northampton Community College, Culinary Arts – Gradautes August 2012


–       Kayla may look like a sweet 14-year-old girl, but she’s actually 23 and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

–       She is an Executive Breakfast Chef at a busy restaurant, and she has also helped create much of the menu.

–       Kayla’s grandfather was a baker, and extremely picky—she would be able to handle Chef Ramsay’s criticisms well.

–       Her grandfather was the only person in her family to support her culinary career; when he died, she was even more motivated to succeed.

–       Kayla fits many stereotypes of the “cute blond” girl: she was a cheerleader, and she was voted Best Flirt in high school.

–       She knows how to get what she wants, and plans to use her femininity to her advantage in Hell’s Kitchen

–       While she may be cute and girly, her favorite hobby is going to the shooting range on the weekends.