Kellie Turner


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–       Fleur deLish Catering and Event Management – Chef and Owner 2011-Present

–       Youth House of Ouachita, Inc. – Special Project Coordinator 2006-2007

–       University of New Orleans – Business Administration/ Hotel and Restaurant Tourism 2001-2005


–       Kellie started cooking at the age of 5 and she hasn’t stopped.

–       She loves cooking both sweet and savory dishes.

–       Her catering event management company was born from competing against competing in the kitchen with her husband of 3 years.  If she competes and beats her husband, her competitors on Hell’s Kitchen don’t stand a chance!

–       After teaching Home Economics for kids in handcuffs at a juvenile delinquent center,  Kellie isn’t intimidated by anyone or anything.

–       She’s very confident and feel she can go up against just about anyone in the kitchen.

–       Kellie’s a self-proclaimed A-Type personality who has selective OCD (i.e. she can’t stand when lumps are in her batter, etc.)

–       She doesn’t know how to “quit” and she won’t give up until she’s satisfied.