Kelly Craven


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–       Bexar County Sheriffs Department – Deputy Sherriff 2008 – Present

–       Dominion Country Club -Assistant Head Chef 2008

–       Overtime Sports Grille -Executive Chef 2006-2008

–       Radisson Resort – Banquet Chef 2006


–       Comes off very sweet but can snap easily if provoked

–       A correctional officer responsible for checking in male and female inmates into the San Antonio jail system

–       Such a perfectionist that she catered her own engagement party in fear that a caterer would ruin the moment

–       Put her love for cooking on the back burner in order to make a steady income

–       Donates her time and cooking skills to cater fund raisers for the Sherriff’s Department

–       Tried out for the show in 2006 and made it to finals but at the time had not yet graduated culinary school

–       Has put on over twenty pounds since becoming a Sherriff Deputy

–       Wants to win in order to prove to herself she can indeed make a living doing what she loves