Kelly McKeown


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–       Vedge Restaurant – Line Cook 2012

–       Art Institute of Philadelphia – Graduates June 2012


–       Kelly is a line cook at a Vegan restaurant who originally went to college for graphic design and believes her art skills will be an advantage in the competition.

–       What she lacks in experience she makes up in her precision. She was the first woman to play on all male hockey team for years.

–       She is graduating culinary school June 15th of this year and has been working in the industry for the past two months.

–       Kelly overcame the loss of her fiancé and decided she needed to start living life for herself. Kelly feels that if she can come back from the tragedy of the past two years, she can definitely win HK.

–       She always dreamed of being a chef since she was a child growing vegetables in the garden and it is fitting she now works mainly with vegetables. Her mother persuaded her NOT to go to culinary school years ago because it was difficult.

–       She takes her job seriously and she gets an adrenaline rush on the line just like she would at the gym.

–       She walks around with tweezers to make last adjustments to her dishes. Her motto is “you only live once so if you want to do something, just do it now!”