Kendra McConnaha


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–       Arts Institute of California 2011- Present

–       Secure Care Self Storage, Property Manager 2010 – Present


–       This spunky divorced mom of two worked in a car dealerships auto shop for 8 years, servicing transmissions and turning wrenches before the economy tanked

–       She found her way to culinary school for a shot at a second career following her true passion. She can take apart a Mustang V8 or cook one hell of a side of beef!

–       Full of flare, she has Skunk Hair; blond streak on the top and dark on the sides

–       Likes to wear polka dot outfits under her chef jacket

–       Despite her girly exterior, she’s surrounded by men in her life and is a tomboy. She loves cars, barbequing, swinging bats at the batting cages, or watching football and hockey games in her spare time.

–       Is a ball buster and won’t take any grief from other men competing in Hell’s Kitchen

–       Thinks Chef Ramsay is sexy and would love the opportunity to meet him