Kendra Robinson


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–       Geoffrey’s Malibu – Server 2011-Present

–       Self Employed – Personal Chef 2010-Present

–       Tavern – Stage/Intern 2009-2010

–       China Mart USA – Senior Trade Specialist/Exec. Assistant 2007-2010


–       Kendra studied abroad in China for 2 years, and was arrested and detained for days in Beijing for being a “suspicious character.” She had to find a way to get out because her grandmother was on her death bed back home. Kendra wanted to be in the CIA in China, but after her experience she turned to the culinary field.

–       Her parents don’t really approve of her career change after investing money in her education.

–        “Bitch ass mother fucker” is her favorite phrase and says “balls” as much as possible.

–       Kendra will work long days and not complain because it’s her passion. She wants to one day open her own restaurant!

–       She has the ability to kill people with kindness and be manipulative.

–       Catered a Christmas party for 250 people by herself.

–       Speaks fluent Mandarin and burps on command.

–       Funny, committed, and amazing personality.