Kenneth Fields


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–       Madison Square Garden Company—Sous Chef 2012-Present

–       Center Plate—Sous Chef 2010-2011

–       Restaurant Associates NYC—Jr Sous Ched 2007-2009

–       Johnson & Wales University—Graduated 2008


–       Kenneth is a 25-year-old charming Sous Chef who has already worked with the likes of Jean Georges in his short career.

–       At age 20, he became a Sous Chef and has worked major events like the Harvard Law School Opening Party.

–       Food has always been his calling, and after high school he went to Johnson & Wales for culinary school.

–       Growing up, Kenneth dealt with a strict father who is a 8 Degree Black Belt Karate instructor.

–       He may be laid back, but if you don’t show Kenneth the respect that he shows you, he will burn you.

–       He is demanding in the kitchen and has no tolerance for people that make excuses.

–       People may perceive him as cocky or arrogant, but in reality he just pushes himself to the finish line in the kitchen, and will do the same thing on Hell’s Kitchen.