Kevin Giordano


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–       IHop – Cook 2011-Present

–       Tampa Personal Concierge –  Catering Manager Assistant 2008-Present

–       Boogies BBQ and Divine Gourmet Catering – Prep, Sauté, Grill Cook 2009-2012

–       Tampa Bay Rays – Cook 2010

–       Art Institute of Tampa – Culinary Management 2010-Present

–       Pinellas Technical Education Center – Certificate 2001


–       Kevin started cooking at 13 years old and after getting kicked out of high school and decided to attend a Technical Education Center for Culinary Arts.

–       He started working as a bus boy and worked his way up.  He loves cooking on the line so much that he’s pretty much just stayed there.

–       Kevin is also a fighter!  He overcame colon cancer and avoided dying in a terrible car accident a few months ago.

–       When Kevin takes on too much he tends to get overwhelmed and sometimes has a hard time refocusing.

–       However, for this competition he’s going to bring his A game for sure and says whether he wins or loses, we will know he gave it his all.

–       He’s a goofy guy who acts silly most of the time but he straightens up on the line.

–       Kevin is ready to pick back up where he was before the accident and prove to himself and the world that he can overcome anything and win Hell’s Kitchen!