Kimberly Van Winkle


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–      Biga on the Banks – Cook 2012-Present

–      Picknikins Patio and Café – Cook 2012

–      Arredondos Seafood – Short Order Cook 2008

–      Songas BBQ – Line Cook and  Server 2003-2006


–      Loves to have fun and sing karaoke, especially songs from artists like Melissa Ethridge, Tracy Chapman, and Amy Winehouse. She loves to listen to music and rock out while cooking.

–      She is a mother of 2 and engaged to a man who has 4 children. There are plenty of mouths to feed at her house and she loves to bring everyone together at dinnertime.

–      Recently her grandmother became ill, she had to leave her career behind in order to take care of her.

–      She is only 5’0 and, as a child, she was constantly teased for being the runt of the class.

–      When cooking at home she always tries to include her daughter in everything she makes.

–      She loves getting burned while cooking; she sees each scar as a story to tell.

–      Cooking BBQ is her favorite and never allows her fiancé to touch their grill!