Kira White


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–      The New School of Cooking –Chef / Culinary Instructor 2010-Present

–      The Ripe Choice Caterer – Chef 2009-Present

–      Crème de la Crepe –  Instructor / Executive Chef 2010

–      Community Chef Cooking Co., Chef/Owner 2008-Present

–      The New School of Cooking – Graduated 2009


–      Her dad always told her that working with food isn’t a profession so she went into a career in education.

–      Was nominated for Teacher of the Year and was the youngest assistant principal at the time in Manhattan Beach.

–      Would pay more attention to cooking shows than her work as a teacher and had the life changing epiphany to change careers 4 years ago at the age of 43.

–      Divorced with 2 teenage boys and considers this period her “me time.”

–      Former punk rocker and artist in her spare time, her signature paintings are “badass angels with weapons.”

–      Has a tattoo on her arm that she designed.

–      Very spiritual and says that is apparent in her cooking.

–      Feels empowered as a female chef teaching her students how to perfect their cooking.

–      Pet peeves are laziness and when people talk in her ear during busy hours.