Krissy Kerwin


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–       Corporate Aviation, Chef and Corporate Flight Attendant, 2006-present

–       Getting Fresh Crafty, Chef de Cuisine, 2003-present

–       Chefmakers, Assistant Chef Instructor, 2001-2010

–       Le Cordon Bleu, Graduated 2000


–      Krissy is a buxom blonde, “chef on a jet,” who serves A-list clientele flying domestically and abroad.

–      Krissy has cooked for and served several high-profile people including George Clooney, J.Lo, and our very own Gordon Ramsay (he very much enjoyed her English tea).

–      While flying, she always wears her chef’s coat to be as modest and professional as possible.  She has also been asked not to wear makeup when certain client’s wives are on board.

–      When Krissy was 16, she got pregnant and her Priest kicked her out of the Catholic school she attended.

–      Krissy is a tough cookie, and she once “pantsed” a group of line cooks who were giving her a hard time when she was fresh out of culinary school.

–      Krissy’s biggest weakness is putting career before relationships, and despite having a daughter, she has been single most of her life and has never been married.