Kristian Pederson II


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–       Lead Cook – Brennan Steakhouse, 2011-Present

–       Sous Chef – Honorable Capdeville, 2010-2011

–       Cook – Central Wyoming College Cafeteria, 2006-2007

–       Texas Culinary Academy, 2007-2009

–       Kuwait English School, 2003-2007


–       With having to live in so many countries around the world, Kristian’s palate was greatly influenced.

–       From the age of 3, Kristian grew up in Nigeria where his mom was forced to learn how to cook different styles of food.  After Nigeria, his family moved back to the US, and then to New Guinea where he was introduced to eat different foods such as Zebra meat.  From New Guinea he moved from Switzerland and lastly, to Kuwait to finish out high school.

–       After high school, Kristian moved to New Orleans to begin working in restaurants and later followed his culinary path as he attended culinary school in Austin, TX. It was then that he met a big time chef from NOLA that he would later intern with.

–       Kristian’s love for food has flourished to where he says his cooking style is like a dance and he loves the line because he gets to be animated.

–       Some of his special talents are in the realms of puppeteering and fire spinning.

–       Kristian is not only ready to play with the fire in HK, but he’s ready to bring the fire to the show!

–       He takes food and cooking very seriously – maybe too seriously for HK!