Kymmis Simmons


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–       Gourmet Kreations – Owner / Chef 2009-Present

–       G Baby Art Studio – Personal Chef and Caterer 2011-Present

–       Tuche Boutique – Caterer 2008-2011

–       Harrah’s Casino/Majestic Casino – Food and Beverage Assistant 1997-2001


–       Kymmis grew up cooking with her mother. The first dish she prepared by herself was at 6 years old when she made spaghetti from fresh ingredients from her garden.

–       Kymmis’ mother was very big on dinners and beauty parties and she would always see her mother feed people and make them beautiful.  After both of her parents died, Kymmis knew she wanted to do the same thing with her life, and now she owns her own catering company and is also a beauty expert consultant.

–       Besides making tasty food that looks good, she also always explains the health benefits each of her dishes has in it to all of her clients.  She believes in healthy cooking to heal the body.

–       Kymmis loves entertaining people and is very prim and proper.  She’s very much into color and making her food “pop.”

–       She loves looking good and having good-looking food.  They go hand in hand for her and she will always look the part.  And her food will taste the part.

–       Kymmis pays attention to detail and works to make her food perfect each and every time.

–       You give this girl shit and she’s sure to make it sugar!