Lanie Duff


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–      Whole Foods Market – Bakery Supervisor 2010-Present

–      Ruby Tuesday’s – Prep Cook / Expo 2007-2008

–      Community College of Philadelphia, AAS Culinary 2012


–      Lanie’s entire life has been a struggle and a challenge but her passion for food is the one thing that gives her the drive to keep on going. Not only has she dealt with being gay and Catholic, she is also partially deaf and gradually losing her hearing. She comes from a family where deafness runs in the family and wants to open a culinary school for deaf children.

–      Even though Lanie has faced communication problems on the line because she can’t hear well, she has learned to read lips and facial expressions which she believes will be to her advantage to win.

–      Lanie grew up with a twin sister and is extremely competitive. She played soccer and rugby on both male and female teams. She has played the violin at Carnagie Hall and she has won awards for performing sign language.

–      Lanie wants to be on HK to prove that someone like her can win the competition and has the skills and drive to compete against the best chefs out there.