Laura Stevens


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–       The Moonlight Chef—Private/Owner 2009-Present

–       Table Leaf Catering—Sous Chef, 2009-2010

–       The Sitting Duck—Server, 2007-2008

–       Zachary’s Fine Foods & Spirits—Server 2006


–      Laura is a self-taught caterer who “thrives on competing in a man’s world.”

–      While she was accepted to culinary school at CIA, her parents encouraged her to attend a “regular” university.

–      She and her husband are nudists, and they participate in nude activities like volleyball, scrabble, and horseshoes.

–      Her company often caters for her nudist activies.

–      Her nickname is “Tomato Tits.”

–      In addition to cooking, Laura is obsessed with music.

–      She is the lead soloist in her drum corps, and she plays the mellophone.

–      She owns a 12 gage rifle and likes to go skeet shooting and hunting wild turkeys.

–      Because she can’t stop telling people what to do, she decided to open her own catering company.

–      She admits that she can be a “c*nt,” and she once cussed out an entire kitchen staff when she was fired.