Lee Frank


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–       ML Perkins Cove – Chef De Cuisine 2009-Present

–       Brazo Restauarant – Chef 2009

–       Bonta Restaurant – Chef 2004-2009

–       The Lark Creek Inn – Sous Chef 2002-2004

–       California Culinary Academy – Gradauted 2001


–       Lee is a Chef whose culinary career started in Sherman Oaks as a “dummy” at a restaurant called the Wiener Factory.  His career has since been more focused on fine dining (thank goodness).

–       Lee’s palate may be more refined, but his attitude is decidedly rock star-ish.  In fact, he says he became a Chef because “it’s the closest thing to being a rock star.”  Lee has a massive collection of sneakers, a body full of tattoos, and a love for underground hip hop and music in general.

–       The tattoos came following his divorce, when his wife took their son halfway across the country, and he “healed through tattoos,” including one Muppet tattoo: The Swedish Chef cooking Kermit the Frog.

–       He is super sarcastic and is great at delivering one-liners: “If they cut me, I’d bleed bacon grease.”

–       Lee is definitely a hard ass who doesn’t take any bull, however he has a soft side: his father was a chef, and Lee didn’t see him often growing up.  He would like to not make the same mistakes with his son.