Leslie Carey


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–       Whitehouse Dish- Head Chef 2010-Present

–       Sweetsalt Food Shop- Sous Chef 2010-2011

–       Boho- Kitchen Manager/Line Cook 2009-2010

–       Club Sushi- Line Cook 2009


–       Leslie Carey began cooking when she would watch “Yan Can Cook” on PBS as a little girl.  She was so inspired that she asked her Grandmother for a Wok for her 12th birthday.

–       Everything that she knows today has been self-taught.

–       After moving to LA, she started her involvement in the culinary world by becoming a restaurant manager and learning the ropes.

–       Her friend owned a catering company and Leslie basically offered to work for free as long as she could shadow her.

–       She shifted from manager to working on the kitchen line.  She has lines that can’t be crossed especially if you touch her expensive knives.

–       She loves the adrenaline rush of having a strict deadline.

–       Leslie loves to cook because the feeling is indescribable when someone eats her food and loves it.

–       She handles criticism well and would receive it constructively from Ramsay.  Leslie is somewhat shy but definitely a badass in the kitchen.