Lisa Normand


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–       Café Latte Catering – Owner 2009-Present

–       Café Latte – Owner 2006-2009

–       James Mounger, Attorney – Real Estate Paralegal 2009-Present

–       Real Estate Paralegal for over 16 years


–       Lisa’s been a Paralegal for 16 years, but her true passion and love is working in the kitchen.  She only works as a Paralegal to pay the bills and help her family make ends meet.

–       When Lisa and her family had to evacuate for Katrina Lisa was 36 weeks pregnant and having her baby shower that day. Their only child was born during the evacuation when Katrina hit and destroyed their income.  Because her husband didn’t want to relocate, they opened Café Latte to stay and fight.

–       Lisa’s dream flourished after she and her family were able to run the cafe successfully after the wake of Katrina, without having any previous experience.  They grew their business from the ground up and ran the café successfully for 3 years until they closed due to the economy.

–       Lisa was known as the owner/“super bitch,” that did it all – FOH/BOH, cooking, customer service, payroll, marketing, etc.

–       She’s a control freak and curses like a &$#*@ sailor

–       Lisa has a sense of humor, but can’t stand laziness, liars, people who can’t take direction, or talk too much!

–       Lisa and her husband currently run a catering company, which they continue to thrive on from one event to the next while keeping their day jobs.

–       Her next feat in life is to make it on HK!