Lisa Valentine


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–       Fruitful Vine Christian Church – Head Chef 2006-Present

–       Quad Graphics – Cook 2005-2007

–       Schenectady County Community College – Culinary Arts Degree 2010


–       Lisa is a firey chef at her local church who believes she became a cook because she has Jesus in her life.

–       She is a redneck/country mom of 10 kids from who is the only college educated person out of her 23 siblings. She lives in a double wide in a trailer park with her husband that is a truck driver.

–       Don’t let her background fool you, she can cook with the best of them and was a cook in the Navy early on so she can handle pressure and volume, but she thinks Red Lobster is fine dining.

–       She is a real go getter and does not stop. She went back to culinary school in her late 30s to earn herself a degree to provide a better future for he children and grandchildren.

–       On the line, she becomes like ricochet rabbit and the other chefs wont know what’s coming. When she wins HK she is giving 10% to the church and she will rename the show Heaven’s Kitchen.

–       We know she is missing a tooth – just have to see this one!