Lovejoy Cole


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–       The Dancing Chef – Executive  Personal Chef / Owner 2002 – Present

–       Knockout Entertainment / Ray J – Personal Chef 2012 – Present

–       USC Fraternity House – Executive Chef 2010 – Present

–       Tisha Campbell-Martin – Personal Chef 2011


–       Loves to cook “American Eclectic” food

–       Started his career as a professional dancer

–       While being on the road as a dancer, he got bored and would go into restaurants offering to work for free to gain experience

–       Was homeless for a brief period.  He lived out of his car and to this day, no one knows about it

–       Started cheffing full time to turn his life around

–       Very secretive about his recipes and styles of cooking

–       Prefers to cook alone unless it’s for a high-volume event

–       Stays focused in the kitchen and tunes everything else out

–       Winning Hell’s Kitchen would be like him and his entire family winning a gold medal