Lucita Padrones


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–       Donald Kendall (Pepsico Founder) – Private Chef 2011-Present

–       James Anson Lash –  Private Chef / Household Manager 2000-2009

–       Elle Tahari – Private Chef / Household Manager 1996-1998

–       Universiy of the Phillippines—Homemaking Arts, Graduated 1982


–       Lucita is a “Jack of all trades” (a “Jane of all trades?”), and she seems to have lived several lives already.

–       As a widowed Filipina immigrant, she is a self-taught chef who worked her way up the ranks as a private chef for some of New York City and Connecticut’s elite society members.

–       However, Lucita doesn’t define herself solely as a chef.  When asked about her hobbies, she is eager to tell you about how ballet is her other passion, which helps her  “artform” in the kitchen.

–       She also rock climbs, does trapeze, swims, and “kicks ass” in boot camps.

–       While Lucita may be nearing her 60s, you would never be able to tell.  She is an adorable ball of energy with an interest in activities as varied as her tastes in the kitchen.  She can run circles around most people half her age.