Lynn Oefinger


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–       Le Chat Noir Eatery (43 seats) – Owner/Chef 2011 – Present

–       Castroville Café – Executive Chef 2009-2010

–       Omi Hotel – Garde Manger/ Banquet Chef 2009


–       Has competed in triathlons for ten years and ranks in the top ten percent of women in the US

–       Currently the owner and Exec Chef of Le Chat Noir in Austin, TX

–       Divorced, mother of two children

–       Hates being pretty, she feels that people often can’t get past her looks and don’t see her true worth

–       Hates letting people down, if she cares about you and your opinion she will do whatever it takes to please you

–       Can become very emotional at times but does all she can to hold her tears back until she is in private

–       Believes that food should taste like food, not whatever sauce you can manage to pour all over it

–       Her restaurant has received excellent write up’s in several of the local Austin news papers

–       Wants to compete in HK to prove to her kids you can do anything